A *New* York State of Mind


You never really realize how different, or similar two places can be until you’ve been there. This wasn’t my first time to New York City—nor do I even remotely think that it will be my last; but I doubt this time will be like any other.


You often forget how small the world can actually be when you’re a communications student. After days filled with reading, watching, and absorbing news of all kinds it can be hard to pull yourself away and remember that you’re not average.

As a Comm. student you’re consuming an exhaustive amount of information regularly. Information that most people avoid, or simply do not have the time to consume. This massive influx of data can almost drown out the world around you and make you feel as if you’re on another plane of awareness. Global awareness. You pull yourself out of the world present before your eyes and exist in a state of existentialism that is nearly all encompassing for all but the briefest moments when your attention is demanded. Some might call it obsession; but to be successful in the world of information, one must at least occasionally dip into a sense of global awareness.

Leaving Ohio for a week to travel to New York city with five friends was a great way to get out of this world. Journalism and storytelling is my passion, but it was nice to make my own story for a change rather than reading about and telling the stories of others.




Sometimes life can become overwhelming. Depending on how you look at it, life is something fluid or rigid and ever-marching. I like to look at it as a mix of both.
No change in my life can represent this ideology of mine more than college. With its constant march towards graduation, one is often left sequestered into a state of business thought, much like global awareness. As a communication major these two mindsets often intermix. Often, these mindsets feel like prison or track by which one must guide their life.

New York reminded me that I can get off of the ride whenever I want.





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