Elon Musk Will Create A Life on Mars

A Hypothesis

I was never really sure if Elon Musk was serious about his thought project, The Boring Company.

An idea to build subterranean solutions for modern day transportation problems. It seemed kind of ridiculous to think that in today’s world of regulations and structure that even the impossibly capable Musk could overcome and build out a completely organic and new infrastructure.

After today, any doubts I’ve had have been wiped away. I finally understand the point and purpose of not just The Boring Company, but all of Elon Musk’s companies and projects. Their purposes are not to only improve life for all of us living here on earth, but to create a way of life, a structure for all of us, on Mars. At least that’s my hypothesis.


How & Other Questions

If you want to read a full profile on what exactly all of Musk’s companies do, check out these posts by Wait But Why and come back to this post after. I’ll wait.

All of Musk’s companies are about something bigger.

The Mars Vision ?

It would seem then, that each piece, except Nuralink as far as I’ve researched1, has a pretty obvious place on Mars. We need to get there; ask Elon. We need power; ask Elon. We need infrastructure that’s unobtrusive so that we don’t end up with the gross mess of broken structure and environment like we have on the outskirts of cities and around the earth; ask Elon. Elon’s going to build Mars.

What About Competition?

I’m not sure how Musk would deal with competition on Mars since he’s going to be controlling the primary point of access to the planet itself. Maybe he’s a fair and capitalistic leader, allowing corporations and competition to spur advancement? Maybe when he’s all powerful he’ll just make everything we have on earth Muskier2.

Will the Government Allow it?

What government? There are no taxes on Mars. Actually, there are some laws governing space but we really have no precedent for the issue we’ll face so it’s in the air as to what will constitute a martian government. Maybe on Mars, we’ll actually be able to have a true democracy?

The End

Will any of this happen? Will Elon Musk become king of Mars? Probably not. Who knows though? This is just a hypothesis in a blog post. Maybe we’ll all be a more interconnected and understanding species once we realize that we’ll all die without us all helping one another? That’s for all of us to decide.

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