Managing My Name

It was more than two years ago when I bought my last name. I was a lot younger (and a lot less educated). I didn’t spend as much time on the web as I do now. I wasn’t in love with the web in the way that I am now.
I thought I would be a programmer, working my way up towards the leagues of Microsoft and Google. I’m a journalist major, working up towards changing the world through stories. I still love tech in the same way though. I dream about it. I still love communications. I pay an exorbitant fee to study it.

I make things though now. I represent ideas, I make and mend creations and companies. I devise strategy, and I only plan on growing from here. That means centralizing who I am online, and creating a base for which my creations will reside.
It’s time to finally establish my name.


I bought almost a year ago. I ran a SquareSpace site off of it for a while, not really thinking of anything that I could use it for. I tried running a blog off of the site, but that was a mistake. I even tried creating some form of web app. It ended up just being a long route to get to my Twitter. I just couldn’t think of anything that I could use it for. The internet is vast, what room is there for a little domain? Actually, tons.

You might have noticed the url change of this site. I should stop doing it as often, but for now until the foreseeable future, this’ll be my go to stop for blogging on the internet. If you want quick updates, Twitter is still the place, but for my essays; no place is better.

In fact, I’m taking over the web as much as possible. My many designs can be found here:


You already know where to find my words.

I’ll keep adding links and subdomains here. I have one more domain that I really want to own. That’ll be the next major domain change. You should follow me on Twitter to see when that happens.


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