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How Long Until Facebook Wins?

You’re probably aware that Snap, Inc., the company behind Snapchat, is filing for an IPO. You might be aware of the volatile time this comes at, with Instagram stories knocking a large portion of the Snapchat’s user growth—despite it being a direct copy of one of the apps core features. You might even be aware of Facebook’s most recent attempt to crush its largest rival.

Obviously, innovation is dead. Evan Spiegel’s, the Founder & current CEO of Snap, Inc., fiancé certainly seems to think so. Miranda Kerr, in an interview with the Sunday Times[Paywall], roasted Facebook and its continued saga against her fiancé’s app.

The specific excerpt from her interview:

“‘I cannot STAND Facebook,’ she volunteers. She is not on Facebook itself, but she does have ten million followers on Instagram, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Instagram recently introduced a range of

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Who’s Going to Buy A Samsung Galaxy S8?

Evan Blass, notorious — once retired — phone leaker, is up to it again. Blass reports for VentureBeat about the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung’s up-and-coming, highly rumored, flagship phone.

Samsung is no stranger to odd phones, with the rumor mill this week alone turning out that Samsung will reportedly be releasing a new device running Tizen 3.0. The S series has always been Samsung’s grounds for appealing to the mass market, with the S6 and S7 both being referred to by multiple reviews as the best Android devices of their respected times. However, if the leaked specs of the S8 turn out to be true, one has to wonder what strain of logic it was designed along.
The phone will reportedly feature both an aux headphone jack, and a USB Type-C port — a welcomed change for many who both enjoy the convenience of two ports, and the future-proofing Type-C provides. However, this simple boon might

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Carry On

Life is short, but I am strong
I will live & move along
I will not cry, even when you’re gone
Life’s too short, and love’s too long
I will be brave, and carry on.

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Alternative Facts

When faced with dishonesty. Stop. Forget being nice. Forgot being courteous. It should not come down to conversational and cultural niceties. When faced with bullshit alternative facts do not wait. Do not formulate a respectful and weak reply. Do not be brash or brazen either. Stop and call it what it is. Do not back down on your assertions. Teach and be taught. Grow wiser, not dumber. Do not be afraid to be confrontational. Do not let confrontation stop you from doing the right thing. Do not misname untruths and falsehoods. Those terms weaken the crime of dishonesty. We are people who seek, and deserve to know. If you see it call it what it is.


noun: lie; plural noun: lies
1. an intentionally false statement.
synonyms: untruth, falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, invention, fiction, piece of fiction, falsification, alternative fact; More
antonyms: truth


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Check Your Sources

You wouldn’t believe how much of a battle against procrastination it was to work on this during final’s week.

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I’m Beefed

Dear a certain service provider,

Do not expect complacency when your product does not work, and you fail to repair, or even respond to requests to repair it. Regardless of when I sign up for your product, I still share the same value as any other consumer. As an avid user and public supporter, I would expect that at least some form of support be given when my grievances are aired. Instead. I have to go out of my way to fix an issue myself by reinstating the problem to keep it running. All at my own expense.

I paid you. I shared your work. I follow you on Twitter. Why can’t you respond to a damn email or Direct Message? Are you too busy for a customer?

It makes me consider going somewhere else. That might not matter to you, but I’m especially all of my clients that I recommend your service to would be interested. I don’t mind if you’re busy. I understand that running a company is hard

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Why I Write

There’s a beauty in the way words form on a page. Whether that be digital or print; the flow of lines, dots, and dashes has always captured my interest and fascinated my mind. When, for example, I open the pages of a book I do not just see the messages they carry, but the deeper indents of the words on the page. The flow of ink from nib to paper as thoughts, emotions, and feelings are all inscribed with the intent of lasting. Writing does not have to communicate a direct message through the meaning of the scratches it produces. The color of the ink, the force of the pen, the power of the motions… these are just as palpable as the definitions of the words that you are consuming. As the words you are writing.


The age of writing has never been stronger. Even if the age of print is not. Pull out your phone. A book. Read. You have access to an infinite potluck of information. Falsehoods

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Five Easy Steps To Become More Media Literate

↪ And Support Journalism

Whilst working on a video all about media literacy, a grab of which can be seen above, I’ve couldn’t help but compile a list of some of the points that I was trying to make in order to promote better media literacy. Below are ten easy steps to become more media literate.

1. Download Twitter

Download Twitter. You may not know how to use it. You might now know how to use it. You may even think that it is a dying company, you know, with one of it’s most recent asset shutters. Trust me, it’s worth it. Twitter organizes its tweets chronologically with the few algorithms in place shifting the order of tweets in relevance. All of which is run by an algorithm which can be turned

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How To Become A Successful Device


To be device that a person can’t go without owning, you need to fit these two qualifications: 

Accentuate The Day

Take a look at the most successful consumer device in history to easily understand this principle. The iPhone single handedly launched the smartphone revolution, creating a world in which not having a smart phone is not only against the grain, but a hinderance to day to day life. Smartphones perfectly illustrate the principle of accentuating the day. By generally creating greater ease of an aspect, or in a phone’s case many, of day to day life a device gains real world use and need. For a device to maintain its popularity, buying attraction, and place in your life, it needs to have real world use and necessity throughout a day of its owners life.

Accompany A Sense

Arguably the most important aspect of device’s success is its ability to connect with, and amplify a

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The Cracks Between The Glass


I have a problem with dust. It circulates in the air that I breathe, it coats itself on the devices and tools I use every day, and it makes me miserable due to allergies. I am the source of the problem. 70-80% of the dust in a house can be your own dead skin. Disbarred from your body, it floats around in the atmosphere, hovering as a ghost, until it finds a home where you never look.

Perhaps dust wouldn’t bother me if I could not see it. Out of sight, out of mind. The swirling vortexes that flutter about in afternoon sunlight would pass unnoticed, staying out of my perception. Life is full of dust. Things that swirl in and out of vision at a whim. Some people can’t see it. They’re vision poor, or maybe they have better things to look at. I don’t. I just see dust, swirling around in my life every moment of the day.

Where dust bothers me the most is on my phone. The very thing that I

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