So I Bought my Last Name.

In today’s web based world it only makes sense to own a domain name or a few. But when it came down to buying a domain name that could represent myself and my family better than any other, what other name could possibly do a better job than my last name?

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For the longest time before this post I had wanted to own or some approximation of isham[dot]anything and it was only through Product Hunt that I was able to actually buy the domain that I wanted as well as one more future .co to be decided later. Product Hunt, for all those who do not know, is a community wall where anybody can post new products (usually related to tech or the web) to share with the world through upvoting. Now on Product Hunt some of these posted products offer bonuses such as the one offer I jumped on by Namecheap. The offer was for two .99 cent .co tickets in which at that moment the long repressed urge to buy (I’m the first person to have registered it.) sprung up again, to have a sweet email address and an even cooler website domain were to tempting to ignore, I quickly moved to grab the code, only 5,000 were available. At the time of my receiving the email I was on my iPhone, quickly I went out to open the link in safari and was successful in getting the discount code. I was ecstatic, for the first time I could actually buy the domain that I wanted and not feel a bit guilty about it afterwards, a necessary domain for a necessary lifestyle. Almost immediately I hit a roadblock, I didn’t have enough money in my Namecheap account. I wasn’t worried about the lack of funds, I could merely save it to my account later. I downloaded the app to add it to my cart and double check it when disaster struck. On my phone I added to the Namecheap application and while I was entering my code I got a terrifying alert message.


I assumed that the code must have already met the 5,000 limit so I didn’t panic. I’d just keep my phone open for the rest of the day until I could move money to my account. Not thinking I swiped close the safari browser, instantly panicking I opened the app to see if the page would reload, bucking me out of my cart, to my horror, I could no longer get the code to work. Upset but otherwise accepting I thought my journey done, until by some chance later that night I decided to go back on Namecheap and see if the promo code worked. You can probably guess the rest, rushing to transfer payments over I bought the domain and here I am, two days and a blog post later.

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